Kampuchea House (Australia) Inc.

Sponsor a Child

At KH we are committed to supporting our residents until they can attain gainful employment and live independently. This means that a number of our residents are still with us as they pursue their secondary/high school studies in Siem Reap. Some have set their sights on University courses ranging from Medicine to Business Management, Accountancy to Pharmacy and Teaching. Naturally we are thrilled they are aiming high and in order to help them to reach their goals we are providing extra-curricular coaching in subjects such as maths, physics, chemistry etc.  This commitment has a major impact on our finances and having sponsors is a way of helping to defray these costs

Sponsorship has been an important part of KH’s efforts to continue to provide our children with the basic necessities such as food, education, medical care, clothing, housing, carers (house mothers) and other needs. The current sponsorship value of $50 per month, however, does not meet our ongoing and increasing costs. For this reason we have decided to open up our sponsorship plan so that each child at KH can be sponsored by more than one person or family.

For the cost of a few coffees a week sponsorship is a way of helping a child break out of the poverty cycle and making a huge difference in their lives both now and in the future. All sponsors are kept up-to-date with their child’s progress through six-monthly reports and photos.

Unless there is a special request children will be assigned to new sponsors in chronological order i.e. in order of age from the eldest down.

Please email Belinda (belinda@kampucheahouse.org), our sponsorship coordinator, if you would like to sponsor one of our children. She will provide you with details of the child plus advise you on payment options for sponsorship.