Kampuchea House (Australia) Inc.


The mission of Kampuchea House (Australia) Incorporated is to provide orphaned and abandoned children from the Sotnikum District in Cambodia with housing, security, education and a family environment.

As our children come from a rural area none of them are street children. Previously they may have lived with aging grandparents, in large extended families, or even with other people in the village, and their future was uncertain. They had little or no chance of an education or vocational training and the host family struggled to feed and clothe them. Now all this has changed, they live a happy and healthy life at Kampuchea House and still retain ties with their extended families, particularly during holidays and religious festivals.

Education is our priority and to this end we aim to provide the support for our residents to undertake tertiary training once they have completed year 12.  They will continue to live with us and be supported by KH during the time they are undertaking their education.

We also provide them with safe and secure housing in a caring environment; medical needs; life skills; clothing; cultural activities and excursions.