Kampuchea House (Australia) Inc.


The mission of Kampuchea House (Australia) Incorporated is to provide orphaned and abandoned children from the Sotnikum District in Cambodia with housing, security, education and a family environment in a traditional setting.

As our children come from a rural area, none of them are street children. Previously they may have lived with aging grandparents, in large extended families, or even with other people in the village, and their future was uncertain. They had little or no chance of an education or vocational training and the host family struggled to feed and clothe them. Now all this has changed, they live a happy and healthy life at Kampuchea House AND still retain ties with their extended families, particularly during holidays and religious festivals.

When possible, it is the policy of Kampuchea House to employ people from the Sotnikum district, which provides work for the local population. This area has many unemployed people who have the necessary skills to work at Kampuchea House.

Kampuchea House has been registered as a local non-government organization in Cambodia(NGO) with funding being provided by Kampuchea Hose (Australia) Incorporated. A director, who is a Cambodian national, is responsible for the day-to-day running of the operations in Cambodia, including hiring staff, paying wages and accounts and purchasing all requirements.

Kampuchea House (Australia) Inc. is the governance organization in Australia for the operations in Cambodia. Kampuchea House (Australia) Inc. has the final say in all issues related to the Cambodian Operations and also raises funds to cover the costs of these operations.

As Kampuchea House fully supports the initiative by the Cambodian Government, along with UNICEF and local NGOs, to promote awareness that children at orphanages or other forms of residential support are not tourist attractions, we only permit visitors, with prior approval, who have a genuine connection with us, typically being members, donors, sponsors and schools/organizations who support our work.  We do not permit casual visitors with no prior affiliation with Kampuchea House.