Kampuchea House (Australia) Inc.


Kampuchea House is dedicated to creating a future for orphaned and abandoned children from the Sotnikum District of Cambodia. Our philosophy is quite simple – to make every aspect of our children’s lives as close as possible to that which they would experience were they living in a Khmer family.

We do not have an age limit and are proud that we have a reputation within the province for also taking older boys and girls into our care. We are also different from other organizations in that we aim to provide for our children until they are able to attain independence through education or vocational training opportunities.

The Kampuchean culture determines all practices and includes attending the local Buddhist pagoda and following the Buddhist religion. All children attend local schools with additional classes in English being provided on site. We see education as the means for these children to leave behind their poverty, especially in the case of the girls.

* See HISTORY page for more information on the way we operate.