Kampuchea House (Australia) Inc.

Who We Are

The philosophy underpinning Kampuchea House is something different and, hopefully, more beneficial to the children in our care. The philosophy is quite simple – to make every aspect of the children’s lives as close to that which they would experience were they living in a Khmer family.

The children live in Kampuchean-style houses – wooden structures on concrete posts. Rather than palm leaves for the roof, we have a more solid construction so that rain water can be collected for drinking purposes. The children live in family groupings of six. Each grouping, or family, has either boys or girls of varying ages. A house mother is responsible for the running of the house. This enables the children to live in an environment similar to that of a traditional Cambodian family.

We do not have an age limit and are proud that we have a reputation within the province for taking older girls and boys into our care.

An orphanage manager lives on-site and has the ultimate control over the welfare of all of the residents of the complex.

Meals are the responsibility of each house mother and are cooked and eaten in the Community Centre. This provides the children with a greater sense of community.

The Kampuchean culture determines all practices and includes attending the local Buddhist pagoda and following the Buddhist religion. All children attend local schools with additional classes in English being provided on site. We see education as the means for these children to leave behind their poverty, especially the girls.

When possible, it is the policy of Kampuchea House to employ people from Sotnikum District so as to provide work for the local population. This area has many unemployed people who have the necessary skills to work at Kampuchea House.

Kampuchea House has been registered as a local non-government organization (NGO) with funding being provided by Kampuchea House (Australia) Incorporated. A Director, a Cambodian national, is responsible for the day-to-day running of the complex, including hiring staff, paying wages and accounts and purchasing all requirements.

Kampuchea House (Australia) Inc. is the management organisation within Australia for the residence situated in Cambodia and known there as Kampuchea House. KH Australia Inc. has the final say in all issues related to the residence and also raises funds to pay for buildings, salaries and the day-to-day running expenses of the facility.