Kampuchea House (Australia) Inc.



As Kampuchea House fully supports the initiative by the Cambodian government, along with UNICEF and local NGOs, to promote awareness that children at orphanages are not tourist attractions, we only permit visitors who have a genuine connection with us – i.e. members, donors, sponsors and schools/organizations who support our work.  We do not permit casual visitors with no prior affiliation with Kampuchea House.

We are very conscious of the impact that visitors have on the children, as well as the disruption to the routines of our staff.  We therefore require that potential visitors, as specified above, must contact Belinda – belinda@kampucheahouse.org – a minimum of two weeks in advance to organise a suitable date for a visit.  We shall endeavour to assist with the date requested, however this may not always be possible.

Visitors are required to complete a “Visitor Compliancy Agreement” form on arrival, and show photographic ID i.e. driver’s license or passport.

We are unable to organise visits without the required notice.  No visits are permitted on Saturdays and Sundays.

Visitors are NOT permitted unless accompanied by a member of our Cambodian office staff or a member of the Australian committee.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

If you are a member/supporter, or associated with any of the schools/organisations who support Kampuchea House, we are more than happy to make all the arrangements for your visit such as organising transport etc.

Please note the children attend school 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday with one group of children attending school in the morning and the other group in the afternoon.

In 2017 the office is closed for the following holidays, and the orphanage will also be closed for the majority of these holidays.

1 January – International New Year Day
7 January – Victory over Genocide Day
11 February – Meak Bochea Day
8 March – International Women’s Day
14-15- 16 April – Khmer New Year Day
1 May – International Labor Day
10 May – Visak Bochea Day
13-14- 15 May – King Norodom Sihamoni’s Birthday
14 May – Royal Plowing Ceremony Day
1 June – International Children Day
18 June – Queen Norodom Monineath Sihanouk’s Birthday
19-20- 21 September – Pchum Ben Day
24 September – Constitutional Day
15 October – Commemoration Day of Former King Norodom Sihanouk
23 October – Anniversary of the Paris Peace Accord
29 October – King Norodom Sihakmoni’s Coronation Day
2-3- 4 November – Water Festival
9 November – Independent Day
10 December – International Human Rights Day

If visiting the Angkor Wat temple complex please read this code of conduct document provided by the Cambodian government.


At this stage of our development, and due to our limited resources, we are not in a position to accept volunteers without specific qualifications that meet our requirements at any particular time. If you have specific skills and qualifications to offer please contact Belinda Lightfoot at belinda@kampucheahouse.org advising the duration that you are able to volunteer and we will let you know if we have any vacancies available.

Volunteers are required to be available for a minimum of one month’s duration.

All potential volunteers are required to complete our Volunteer Application form in the first instance; undergo a “Working with Children Check” at their own expense; and to sign our Volunteer Agreement form prior to acceptance as a volunteer.  You will not be permitted to work as a volunteer without completion of these documents prior to leaving Australia.

All volunteers are required to provide proof of travel insurance, which includes medical evacuation, in case of illness or accident.