Kampuchea House (Australia) Inc.

Sponsor a Child

As many of you already know at KH we are committed to supporting our kids until they can attain gainful employment and live independently. This means that the majority of our kids who are now reaching maturity are still with us as they pursue their secondary school studies in Siem Reap. We have kids who have set their sights on University courses ranging from Medicine to Business Management, Accountancy to Pharmacy and Teaching. Naturally we are thrilled that our kids are aiming high and in order to help them to reach their goals we are providing extra-curricular coaching in subjects such as maths, physics, chemistry etc.

Sponsorship has been an important part of KH’s efforts to continue to provide our children with the basic necessities such as food, education, medical care, clothing, housing, carers (house mothers) and other needs. The current sponsorship value of $50 per month, however, does not meet our ongoing and increasing costs. For this reason we have decided to open up our sponsorship plan so that each child at KH can be sponsored by more than one person or family.

For the cost of a few coffees a week sponsorship is a way of helping a child break out of the poverty cycle and making a huge difference in their lives both now and in the future. All sponsors are kept up-to-date with their child’s progress through six-monthly reports and photos. If required the sponsorship fee of AUD$50 per month can also be made tax deductible.

Unless there is a special request children will be assigned to new sponsors in chronological order i.e. in order of age from the eldest down.

Please email Belinda (belinda@kampucheahouse.org), our sponsorship coordinator, if you would like to sponsor one of our children. She will provide you with details of the child, plus advise you on payment options for sponsorship.

Our Success Stories.

Yet graduated from a 4-year Accountancy course at the Vanda Institute in 2016.  She is currently employed as an Accountant at one of the best day spa companies in Siem Reap.

Sor graduated from an electrical installation training course in November 2013 and completed his 2 year apprenticeship in 2015.  He struggled academically at school but found his vocation with the hands-on aspect of learning the electrical trade to both Khmer and Western standards.  Since graduation he has moved back to his home village.

Duong and Sophary graduated in 2010 from the Paul Dubrule School of Hospitality – both girls graduated as Pastry Chefs. Duong is working in a café in Siem Reap.  She married in 2011 and has a baby boy.  Sophary worked at the 5-star Sofitel in Phnom Penh for a few years where she was named “employee of the month” in 2011.  She then took up a position as chef at the 5-star Bokor Mountain Hotel near Kampot.  In 2016 she took up a position as Pastry Chef at the FCC in Siem Reap.  Both girls came to KH at the ages of 17 and 18 respectively. No other orphanage or organisation would take them as they were considered too old. We dread to think what might have transpired if we had not accepted them at KH. More than likely, they would have ended up in the sex trade or begging.